We will help you calm down, relax and eliminate long-standing, agonizing pain. Amari Holistic SPA massage therapists work with original, natural Thai cosmetics.

Amari Holistic SPA is located in the Five Seasons One at ul. Caritas 1c. Available to all guests of the Five Seasons Szklarska Poręba.

Opening hours: Tu-Sat: 10:00 - 22:00 | Sunday: 08:00 - 18:00. In order to book a treatment, please contact the reception in advance:

The offer includes: treatments and massages for the face, body, for two.

Intended for: people in need of relaxation, people with pain, active people (sportsmen).

* Treatments for her and for him, and also for two.

High-quality oils sourced from nature are at the heart of all Amari SPA body cosmetics. Plant oils are exceptional natural ingredients largely responsible for the exceptionally effective anti-aging properties of our products. Not only do they exhibit anti-wrinkle and lifting effects, but at the same time they enhance all regenerative and nourishing functions of our body care products. It is thanks to the high content of oils that Amari's luxury lines allow you to easily and quickly enrich your at-home skin care treatments with ingredients that show strong anti-aging properties.

Wprowadź kosmetyki do ciała Amari SPA na stałe do swojego codziennego rytuału pielęgnacyjnego, by móc cieszyć się zdrową i miękką skórą, która wprost olśniewa naturalnym blaskiem. Nasze luksusowe kosmetyki do pielęgnacji ciała sprawdzają się doskonale w przypadku każdego rodzaju skóry.